Saturday, August 04, 2012

Growing Pains

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally taken the plunge to move to a new e-commerce company. The old company was inexpensive and did the job, but only just. As my sales incrase, not being able to do something as rudimentary as export sales data to Excel, or even print a sales report, has become too cumbersome. The old site forced me to enter each order individually to get info like individual items purchased, purchase price, shipping charges, etc. Eek!

Plus, as technology over the past few years has grown by leaps and bounds, my old e-commerce company didn't make a single improvement or offer a single new feature.

So...I've researched different options, settled on one that I think I'm going to love, and have signed up to transfer the whole shebang over to them. I'm guessing just the transfer will take a few days, and then I get to start from scratch, adding products and making everything pretty. I have no idea how long this will take me! lol Etsy site will still be going strong during this process. If you're wanting products I'm not supposed to sell on Etsy, like those oh-so-lovely bamboo tools by Karatstix, just contact me here or on Etsy and I'll get it all set up for you. Easy peasy.

AND...know that the new Dot Com should be amazingly better than the old one. I hadn't updated in awhile, knowing this inevitability was coming...and that I'd just have to start over anyway. Frankly, I lost motivation...which is all the more reason to get this done now!

With any luck, I'll get it all transferred very quickly and be back and open for business soon. Best to get it done before the busy fall season at least, right?

Thank you for all your patience, your understanding, and your support!

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