Sunday, April 11, 2010


You may have noticed that I've been a bit absent lately. I could come here and apologize and promise to do better, but frankly, I make no apologies. And here's why....

The day after Mother's Day, Mr. Yarnworks will leave for his 3rd deployment to the Middle East. This time he is headed to Afghanistan and should be gone for another year. These deployments are becoming old hat around here, so other than the typical preparations, not much has changed.

But I've realized recently that I've been changing in ways I've been unaware of up until now. This blog, for instance, hasn't been properly updated in well over a month. My two online stores too have been a bit neglected during that time as well.

Not to worry though, I *am* taking care of my customers and shipping orders with the same love and care I always have. I just haven't been actively seeking out new customers, promoting and updating the websites, etc.

I'm also prepping for Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival in Minneapolis over Mother's Day weekend. Yep, Mother's Day weekend, the weekend right before Mr. Yarnworks deploys. I may be a bit crazy, but this is a decision we made together. Besides, anyone who has been knows how much fun it is!


I realize now that I've been spending a lot more quality time with my family. Creating more "moments" for us to share. Helping our girls bond with their father before he leaves and helping them come to terms with the idea of him leaving.

How can I possibly apologize for that? I won't.

So know that we are well, that I'm spending oodles of time with my fabulous family, and that in my spare time I'm preparing for Shepherd's Harvest.

Once I recover from Mr. Yarnworks' departure and the exhaustion that inevitably follows Shepherd's Harvest, I will return and with a gusto! I have so much in store for you. I can't wait!