Sunday, August 31, 2008

Knot Knitting Bag

This is the first of my line of knitting bags for JL Yarnworks. I just listed this one tonight in the Etsy shop. More are coming, but slowly since I'm also trying to build inventory for September's Fiber Festival.

This will be my first show (of 3 this fall/winter so far), and I'm a bit torn. On the one hand, I'm trying to build up inventory so that my booth will be overflowing with knitterly goodness. Yet, it seems ludicrous not to list these items in the meantime and try to sell them. But then, of course, is the fear that it will ALL sell and I'll be left with an empty booth. Of course, the whole point is to sell the items. And it really shouldn't matter whether I sell them online or at a fiber festival or craft fact, the faster I sell each item, the better. But my fear of an empty booth seems to be superseding logic at the moment. Feel free to comment and set me straight one way or the other.

Anyway, the bag. :) This is a wristlet for holding small knitting projects. Stick your yarn in the bag, slip the bag on your wrist, and you can stand and knit, sit and knit, lay down and knit...whatever floats your boat. Regardless, the yarn will stay nice and clean while you work. I love the versatility of these bags. I've searched a long time for the perfect small project bag. After getting frustrated both with the styles and patterns of the bags available, I decided to start making my own. I've been having a great time choosing the perfect fabrics! I can't wait to share them all with you!

Update: Wow! The bag has already sold! Good thing I have more that are very close to being done. If anyone wants a bag, but there are none listed, email me or contact me through Etsy. I will happily start a waiting list!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Answer

I've been working on recreating Hermione's Scarf from the same Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince publicity still I used to make Hermione's Hat. I think the stitches are right, but the gauge in the publicity still is strange, with stitches taller than they are wide. I'm hoping to be able to block it that way. If not, each row could be doubled to create a similar effect.
I've also decided that even though it's obvious that Hermione's scarf slowly rotates colors, I'm going to keep my pattern a bit simpler with the same motifs always using the same colors. Knitters could always knit it however they like. With any and as many colors as they like. Without being able to see the whole scarf, I don't want to guess at a pattern. As it is, one of the 3 motifs is partially hidden, and I had to take an educated guess with it. There may also be more motifs that cannot be seen in this still. So obviously this will strictly be my interpretation of it.
My colors here are obviously different that Hermione's. I'm being a good girl and using my stash. :) Later I'll seek out the proper colors, perhaps even selling the pattern as part of a kit!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Any Guesses?

Can anyone figure out what I've been working on this weekend?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Week of School

First, I've decided that calling my kids Big Sister and Baby Sister isn't working that well for me. The names are long and cumbersome and certainly can't be abbreviated! I've been tempted to use their real names, but I don't feel right doing that either. So I've come up with a solution. Big Sister's middle name is May and Baby Sister's middle name is Kathryn (or Kate). So from here on out, my children will be dubbed May and Kate. Cute, short, and names that they're not likely to answer to.

So, without further ado, see May's first day of Kindergarten. She looks so grown up to me!

I wasn't sad. I didn't cry. I'm just so impressed by the young lady she is becoming, and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

And of course, Kate has to be just like May.

Thankfully, Kate starts 2 day a week preschool in a couple weeks, so she'll have an excuse for the backpack.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New from Karatstix!

I was only going to post a simple teaser photo, but I couldn't decide which one I liked best! So here are all my new products from KaratStix™. I've purchased goodies from her before, and knew immediately that I *MUST* carry these on my website once it was up and running. And here they are! Super high quality bamboo tools for the discriminating knitter.

Sock Rules with 2 Inch Cuff Ruler:

Wraps Per Inch (WPI) Tool:

Knitters Rule/Needle Gauge

Available NOW on

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sweet Sheep!

These sweet little sheep were just added to the JL Yarnworks store.

Too adorable! In 1-2 weeks, I will be adding more sock monkey magnets, magnets depicting knitting, and more sheep! Plus, some of the same images on really cute hairclips! My daughters are already wearing some of the prototypes and are begging me to make more.
Want more? Tell me what you'd like me to make. More sheep? Spinning wheels? Buttons? Bookmarks? Ponytail holders? Pins? You name it and I will try to bring it to you.


School here starts on August 18th. A bit early compared to other parts of the country, sure, but I've been looking forward to the little bit of freedom school can offer me, the work-at-home-mom. I've been counting down the days, getting Big Sister all psyched to go to kindergarten. Her school supplies were purchased during the first sale of the season. Not one ounce of "oh my baby is growing up" has plagued me.

Until just now. Suddenly, with nothing to prompt it, I'm overwhelmed by the whole concept. Raising a little lady who is venturing into academia, full of promise. I almost feel sad, but I think I'm just overcome by emotion. I felt like this shortly after I brought her home from the hospital too. Looking at her big blank slate of a future, all the things she can accomplish. The little, the big. All monumental to her. Each new day shaping who she is just a little bit more.
Friday, I've promised to take Baby Girl to daycare so Big Sister and I can spend the day alone. We're going to get hair cuts, go out to lunch together, and shop. Back-to-school clothes are top on the list, but she did say she wants to go to the craft store. It could be a very good day. *grin*

Friday, August 01, 2008

So Cute

Magnets! What knitter can live without these cute little sock monkey magnets? I know I can't be without them another moment. I now have a set holding up some artwork on the fridge. These are listed in both my Etsy store and my new Website. The price is the same both places, unless you visit my store through a Ravelry link. Then you'll save 10% at my website. :) I have sheep coming soon. I'm just waiting for the fabric to arrive from Singapore. They're toooo cute.
In other news, we are 13 minutes away from the release of Breaking Dawn. Sadly, I'm not out celebrating. You, hubby in Iraq... but a friend is bringing me a copy on her way home tonight! *squeeeee!* Don't expect much from me tomorrow. I'll be up all night reading!