Friday, August 01, 2008

So Cute

Magnets! What knitter can live without these cute little sock monkey magnets? I know I can't be without them another moment. I now have a set holding up some artwork on the fridge. These are listed in both my Etsy store and my new Website. The price is the same both places, unless you visit my store through a Ravelry link. Then you'll save 10% at my website. :) I have sheep coming soon. I'm just waiting for the fabric to arrive from Singapore. They're toooo cute.
In other news, we are 13 minutes away from the release of Breaking Dawn. Sadly, I'm not out celebrating. You, hubby in Iraq... but a friend is bringing me a copy on her way home tonight! *squeeeee!* Don't expect much from me tomorrow. I'll be up all night reading!

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