Sunday, February 18, 2007

Springtime In Paris Socks

A few months ago I joined the Six Sox Knitalong on Yahoogroups. This group posts a new sock pattern every 2 months and encourages members to knit a pair. I love this group. The designer is part of the group and readily available to field questions and to offer advice if you get stuck or if you think you've found an error in the pattern. Plus you have dozens of other knitters (the group has over 3000 members, but obviously not all are active participants) to help you along the way and to share your handiwork with. Did I mention that I love this group?

Well, despite joining ages ago, I haven't found the time between my family and J.L. Yarnworks to actually participate. I've just been watching as members post their in-progress photos and finished pairs. Admittedly, I've been a bit jealous...and anxious to join in.

So February 1, the Springtime in Paris pattern by Rebecca A. was posted. This pattern is not only beautiful, but reversible! "Right" side out, it offers little raindrops. "Wrong" side out, little Eiffel Towers. For awhile, I simply stared at this pattern, pining, but reminding myself that I simply do not have time. I have a 9 month old, a 4 year old, 2 part-time jobs and a home business. But then, a couple days later, a member posted that she thought a nice greyish blue yarn would work nicely with this pattern, both with the raindrops (storm) and the Eiffel Towers (steel). And then it hit me! I had just launched my line of Showcase Yarns (semi-solids) and had a beautiful greyish blue yarn listed in my store! I waited two days, giving this particular yarn a chance to sell. If it sold, then it wasn't meant to be. But if it didn't sell by the time I had a slice of time to cast on this sock, then I would yank it from my shop and use it for myself (a temptation I have with most of my yarns!). Two days later it still had not sold. It now looks like this:

Stitch Detail - Raindrops:

Stitch Detail - Eiffel Towers:

Full-view - Raindrops:

Full-view - Eiffel Towers:

The stitch detail pictures are a tad dark, but you get the idea.

You may notice the pink yarn at the toe of the right-side-out picture. This is a new cast-on method for me. It's a provisional cast-on method using an I-cord. It's absolutely ingenius! I love this cast-on and may not do toe-up socks any other way.

The pattern calls for a heel flap, which when working toe-up looks a bit odd to me. It's also not a reversible method. So I'm considering a short-row heel. Hopefully I won't botch it all up when I stray from the pattern.

I'll post more pictures as I make progress.

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vlhester said...

I LOVE THIS YARN!!! I can't wait to see this pattern as it progresses!! I wouldn't mind seeing how you do the stitches too. Hey! When is your NEXT release of Home-Dyed Yarn in your Store???? I can't wait to see what's next!!! ;)