Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Everyone Listen To G Curse

Last night was our much anticipated Knitting New Year.

It began with food. Lots of food. Ten or so pounds on the thighs food. And laughter. I included this photo only because I promised G not to show any more pics of her stuffing her face. Here, she and J are laughing at something. Probably something I said. You know how hilarious I am. They can't stop when I'm around.

My girls thought this was a birthday party, but there was no cake. Poor things. They were really good about it though.

After the girls were snug in their beds, we waited impatiently for midnight and the moment we would cast on the Shetland Tea Shawl found in A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swanson. We were not the only impatient ones. G's new housemate couldn't wait either. His name? C'mere. Yeah. C'mere. That's his name. Get it? Come here? C'mere really seems to have an appreciation for Alpaca, doesn't he?

And finally. Happy New Year! The determined silence was only broken by G's cursing. Her occasional long strings of creative cursing. She switched yarns. She stopped cursing. Amazing how that works sometimes.

J also cursed, but much much less. Good yarn I guess.

And so the big lug doesn't feel left out, here is Buddha, who desperately wants to learn to knit. That or he was hoping for food scraps. Can never tell which. He looked upon us longlingly whichever it was...

And Voila! Three and a half hours later, here is my shawl. Impressive, no?

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