Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beautiful Birthday Gifts

Do any other bloggers out there take pictures specifically for their blogs, plan or write blog entries in their heads, then not post for a month or more? Please tell me I'm not alone. I think have 4 or 5 blog entries I'm late posting. I will try to post them in order and space them out a bit...hopefully not more than a month will go by between entries. ;)

January 10 was my 31st birthday. I had originally planned to get a sitter, round up some friends, and go out to eat. But you know what? That is entirely too much work. I'm having such trouble finding sitters lately that I decided that I didn't want to have any stress over my own birthday. I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to make any plans at all. I just wanted a nice, fun day with my girls. Alyssa helped me make "pupcakes"....

....and otherwise, we just played. It was a great time. :) I'm so glad I didn't rush around trying to find a sitter and worrying about getting home on time and all that jazz.

I got a couple surprises in the mail too. See the prettiness?

This came from my good friend *K*....she rocks! See what it looks like all opened up?

It's a beautiful Della Q knitting bag and matching notions bag. It's large enough to hold a laptop, so it's definitely large enough for any portable knitting project. :)
And this purpley owly cuteness came from my friend *S* who actually began as one of my customers and quickly grew into a good friend. It was also wrapped up all pretty-like, but I was much too excited to stop and consider picture taking until long after it was opened.

This is a great crochet hook/DPN organizer from CoyoteCraft on Etsy.

I must say that the workmanship here is absolutely impeccable. I'm very impressed and would highly recommend this Etsy seller to anyone looking for a case like this. I'm loving mine!
So thank you *K* and *S* for making my birthday special and helping to hold my ever-growing obsession with knitting tools and stash. :)

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