Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm a Mess

I really wish I had pictures. Sorry!

Tonight was May's first dance class at a new dance studio. Last year she took dance classes from a group primarily because they were almost cheap enough for us to be able to afford it. But, while last year was great for determining whether she likes dance or not, they really didn't teach her anything except a series of steps. There was no instruction in technique at all.

Well, to me, half the point of dance is to teach a child grace and poise and control over her own body. Last year's lessons didn't teach her any of that. However, they did teach us that she really enjoys dancing.

This year, we looked into several new dance studios, and at the advice of one of our babysitters, looked into Balleraena Dance Studio run by Miss Raena. What attracted me to this particular studio is that their instructors truly seem qualified with both degrees and real world experience. Miss Raena also believes in modesty of both dress and dance moves. (After watching some other local studios perform, I was appalled, truly.) Plus, our babysitter assured me that even the little kids learn some technique.

So anyway, tonight, Miss May had her first class. And I was an absolute mess. I was actually fighting back tears as I watched. I tried so hard to fight them back so the other parents wouldn't think I was insane. lol But they stretched (a lot!), practiced a couple ballet positions, pliés, ballerina runs, leaps (I sooo don't remember the french word for this, but I think it starts with a G), and then finished off with a little (age-appropriate) hip-hop. Miss May, having no idea what the positions are or anything, still did a really great job! I think we need to practice some at home, but she really seemed to enjoy herself. This class was everything I could have hoped for, and more. I cried because I suddenly felt overwhelmingly like this is exactly where she is supposed to be. Miss Raena pushed for proper technique while making it cute and fun!

They teach an adult class, which I'm completely tempted to take. But um....I'm really not sure that in my current shape I could do half of what they did today. Even though I've always wanted to take a dance class, ever since I was a kid. Maybe next year! Until then, I'll just stretch and practice with my beautiful Miss May.


madonnaearth said...

I think the dance move you were talking about is called a jeté...looked it up to be sure.

I am so pleased that you found a class that believes in modesty. I can totally understand you being so happy you cried. Sounds awesome!

AuntieAnn said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with the waterworks so near to the surface. The class for Miss May sounds just perfect!

Me, I love Jazzercise and my surgeon said I could go back to it, with lots of modifications, much earlier than I thought. Now that I've been to one, I'm not sure that knee is really ready -- big sigh.

hmfic said...

You should totally take a class! Just think of it as showing your girls that they can do anything they went, whenever they want, no matter what.

It's Nikki, btw.