Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Martin's Magical Menagerie

This was my view from my booth at the North Country Fiber Festival. We stared and stared, trying to figure out exactly what everything was. Finally, we had a lull in customers and were able to check it out.

Here's a peek. A little felted tiger, squirrel, fox, bear, alligator, and ....puma? All of these are made entirely of wool. Compacted, needle-felted wool. Now, I'm good with wool, and have even felted a bit. But I don't have the artistic eye to pull off any of these! Have a look!

But what really impressed us, was this little guy here:

We could see this giraffe fairly well form our table, but we SWORE it had plastic eyes. But no! They are also felted, with some glitz mixed in so it looks like they have wetness in them. Amazing!

Not to mention the llama...

Or the camel...

Want to see more? These amazing sculptures were created by Linda of Martin's Magical Menagerie! I spoke with Linda a bit in between customers and she is a very nice woman who drove all the way from Wisconsin to hang out with us at the fair. If you need any felting kits, she's a great lady to buy from. I got a simple tiny llama kit (first on her kits page) and when I get the hang of that one, I plan to move on to a couple of her other ones.

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Christy said... favorite is the camel!