Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trains And Christmas

Two Fridays ago, we were blessed with a unique opportunity. As part of a military appreciation program put on by BNSF Railroad, we were invited to ride on a vintage passenger train as a family! We snatched up the oportunity, unsure of when we'd ever get this kind of chance again...to ride on a train with the girls.

See? I'm always missing from the photos. *Sigh* Actually, there's a full family pic of me inside the train, but I'm gonna be selfish and not show it. lol. It's my blog and my right to protect myself from bad pictures. :)

This was our view as we awaited departure. Another BNSF train.

The BNSF staff was truly wonderful. The girls got coloring books, paper conductor hats, string cheese, pretzels, cheese crackers, juice, soft drinks, and the family got a very pretty train Christmas ornament.

We even got a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Miss May was very quick to tell Santa exactly what she wants for Christmas!
It was truly a memorable evening. Thank you so much to BNSF for everything!


Christy said...

oh cool! We've been talking about taking the boys on a train ride, while they're still young enough to go crazy over it! Did the girls really like it?

Jackie said...

They really did. Admittedly, it was a bit long for them. After waiting 30+ minutes to depart and then it only being light out for about 30 minutes after that, they started getting antsy. But they're still talking about it, so it was a success overall.