Wednesday, April 22, 2009

House Update

Last Friday we had our house inspection. The new house did quite well except for a few minor electrical "cleanup" issues (wires not tacked down, etc...but it was all wired properly). So we've asked the sellers to take care of these issues. As luck would have it, the seller is a licensed electrician and agreed to take care of these issues without complaint. Yay!

Now the house has to be appraised by the VA to find out if they'll back our loan as-is or if the sellers will have to jump through any more hoops to get the house ready. It's the VA (Veteran's Administration), which is a government agency, so don't expect any real updates anytime soon.

Anyway, during the inspection, I took some more pictures. 80 of them actually. I'll spare you since most of them were just of fixtures, features, and minor repairs we'll want to address once we move in. I'm working on decorating the house...or at least picking out paint colors and figuring out what furniture to keep and what needs to go in a giant yard sale. The pictures of fixtures and things will remind me whether we plan to change anything once we move in.

This is a picture of the "foyer"...which is actually the kitchen and breakfast nook. That's the front door in the picture. The pantry and a cabinet are right there. Then you can also see the table they have in the nook. The corner has an L-shaped built in bench with cabinet space beneath.

I'm totally in love with this dining room. I think this is what sold us on the house to be honest. The built-in cabinets/shelving and we love the cutout window right over the kitchen sink. One of my complaints in our past few homes is that the kitchen is so isolated from the rest of the home. I don't want a great room, but I'd like enough openness or space in the kitchen itself to be able to be social while I prepare meals or do the evening cleanup. Between the breakfast nook and this window, I can participate in conversations even if we're entertaining. But the living room is totally separate. Perfect!

I'm also loving this bathroom. The layout is a little funky, but I like it. And I love the colors. Very spa-ish in my opinion. Now I just need to get big plush ivory towels to really create a spa at home. Oh, and I told my husband that I thought the exhaust fan was broken because nothing happened when I turned it on. "It is on," he say. "What?" I listened closely. Still nothing. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yep." "WOW!" Maybe I'm just too used to rentals, but I'm digging that.

Miss May had to come along to the inspection. She spiked a fever the night before, so we kept her home from school. She has declared his house "the best house in the whole world," but I think that's probably because her room is the largest in the house.

The house is situated on 0.24 acres, and is rather close to the road (it's a small town and not a busy road at all), which leaves most of that space for the back yard. Those are actually my kids back there by the ball. Plenty of space for my garden, a swingset, and more. On the left you'll see the side of the detached 2-car garage. It's been a bit neglected (still solid, but doesn't have a lot of the updates the house has), so we're planning to rebuild it into an oversized 2-car garage with loft....for my studio! For now, I'll be using a large room upstairs, which works just fine for everything except dyeing yarn, but Mr. Yarnworks wants to get my whole operation in one room and wants me out of the kitchen!

So that's where we are right now. If all goes well, we'll be moving mid-June.
Until then, I need to stop drooling over the new house and prep for Shepherd's Harvest!


knitalot3 said...

I have my fingers crossed for you.

mrae said...

A Great house. I hope that all goes well for you!!!!