Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scrabble Tile Pendants for Fiber Artists

After a much needed summer break, I'm back with renewed vigor!

Our new house has been absolutely fabulous this summer. The girls have a nice big backyard to play in, and we've been taking full advantage! The downside is that I've stepped away from JL Yarnworks for awhile and had entirely too much on the JL Yarnworks' agenda to pull it off seamlessly.

The good news is that I am rested and ready to dive back in to Fall!

For starters, I have product laying around that isn't listed on either of my websites! I'm pretty sure that breaks a cardinal rule or two, so I'm working to fix that. I've started with my Scrabble Tile Pendants since I'm also planning an advertising push highlighting them starting September 1st.
Above is an example of one of the ads that you might find on Ravelry or elsewhere very soon!
Click on it to go to the pendant page on!

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