Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thanks Emi Craft In Japan!!!

I'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to the Etsy store, Emi Craft In Japan.

Once upon a time, I found the cutest sheep fabric in an Etsy store from Japan. The cute little white sheep on the pale pink background made for absolutely adorable magnets. I ordered the fabric twice, but when I ran out again, the store shelves were bare. *sniffle* I thought for sure that this sheep fabric, like so many others before it, had been discontinued out from under me. What would I do?!?

Months passed and I began to sell the very last of my little pink sheep magnets. The lone survivors looked so sad and lonely, awaiting the day that they too would leave home forever.
Weekly, I scoured Etsy for the fabric. Even going so far as to email the major shops out of Japan that carry fabric. No one was able to help.
That is until one day, I found my pink sheep fabric!!! Emi Craft in Japan had some! Oh happy day! Wait, what's this? The item description says it's also available with a blue background?!? Can this be??
Without hesitation, I send her a "convo" as they're called on Etsy. "How much do you have?" I asked. "I think I want all of it." She writes back that she has pink, blue, AND TAN! She tells me how much of each she has. "Yes, I want all of it." We messaged each other back and forth several times, she worked out the exact shipping costs, and even went into town the very next day to get it mailed to me....using MY choice of shipping method. Talk about customer service! And shipping speed? I ordered it on December 28th and received it on January 7th. From Japan!! Not too shabby.
I will definitely be back as long as she carries some sort of sheep, rabbit, ruler, button, fiber-related-in-any-way fabric I can use for my magnets. I know she'll take care of me. If you love fabric, and enjoy the cutesie Japanese varieties on the market, I know she'll take care of you too. Show her some love.
Oh, and if you see the fabrics below in any color variations, let me know? They're also Japanese fabrics that I can no longer find. And I'm nearly out. BUT, watch for new blue and tan varieties of the cute pink ones to make their appearance in my shops very soon!

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