Thursday, June 03, 2010

Emma Has Arrived!

My daughters have inspired a series of girly sock patterns. This is the most basic, the most classic, of the set. It has a unique construction, with a bit of ribbing hidden under the ruffle to help the sock stay up. This is also a relatively simple knit, being mostly stockinette. If you've only knit one or two pair of socks before, don't fret. You'll manage just fine! Emma is sized for Toddler, Child to Women's Small, and Women's Medium to Large.

Emma is available both on Ravelry for immediate download and on Etsy for an emailed file. Both methods give you a document in PDF format and cost $5.

More socks with a similar construction will emerge over the course of the summer. One other is just about done, but needs a final edit. Of course you've already had a sneak peek, ages ago: Hannah. Hannah is a bit more complex with a provisional cast-on and lacework.

Every time I write a new pattern, I learn something. This time was no different. I learned to get all my pictures taken before I let my model run around in the grass with a pale yellow sock and do this....

"Let" is a nice way of saying that she took off and I got the high-pitched "Nooooooo! Stop! You'll ruin the sock!!!" just right.

I also learned that, yes, Charlie's will get out grass stains. Like a dream! *whew!* In fact, most of the pictures I used with the pattern were taken after this incident.

And just so you don't think I've forgotten my new toy...

Far from perfect, but I'm learning and getting more comfortable with my wheel. More on that as I have more to show for myself. :)


--Deb said...

Your socks are adorable, and the spinning is looking great. Obviously you and your Lendrum are getting along wonderfully!

BeccaH said...

One of the reasons why I chose to knit my sock in navy blue :) I'm sure I'll still be fighting stains though - the dust bunny variety, if I can ever get the toddler to sit still! Great sock pattern! So stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

The "girly" socks are perfect! I love them :)