Friday, December 17, 2010

Mr. Cute Bunny Hopkins

I think it's about time I introduce the newest member of the Yarnworks family.

In September, my husband had the joy of accompanying me to North Country Fiber Fair. It was his very first fiber show.  After helping me set up, he wandered the fair. Within minutes, he was back at my booth. "There is the cutest gray bunny in the corner over there," he said. He leaned over me a bit. I was sitting and he's 6'5". "And I *want* him."

I chuckled a bit, knowing I've been talking about angoras for the past year or more only to have him scoff at me.

Together, we ventured over to the two angora booths, admiring the different types. Finally, I saw the one he'd fallen for. A gorgeous black English Angora. He'd been raised by an 8-year-old boy as a 4H project and was being sold by the angora breeder for him. I've always been partial to the English Angora, so I looked at him and ever-so-coyly said, "He's very cute. If you really want him..."

The kids were thrilled when they found out we were getting a pet! They wanted to call him Hoppy or Hopper. Then they suggested Bouncer. *sigh* Finally, we came up with Hopkins. Then Miss Kate suggested that he needed "Cute Bunny" as a middle name.  We settled on Mr. Cute Bunny Hopkins. Though we usually call him Hopkins or Mr. Hopkins.

He has free run of the living room. Really, he has free run of the house, but he never strays far from his cage. His favorite spot is behind his cage, looking out the sliding glass doors. He even has a wild bunny that visits him from time to time. We see the little paw prints in the snow! I wonder what they must think of each other, separated by glass like that.

Hopkins loves toys. He loves throwing them around and gets mad if you move things around. Just picking up stray toys in the living room will usually result in an angry foot thump from him.

So if we got Hopkins back in September, why am I just now blogging about him? Well, because he accompanied us to our Christmas photo shoot today! He's a natural! Waaaaay easier to pose than my children!!!

Here is my newest favorite photo:

And the whole family...minus Mr. Yarnworks who is still in Afghanistan:


Anonymous said...

Mr.C.B.Hopkins is a fine and handsome bunny! You and your girls are beautiful in your Christmas picture. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and your husband is home soon.

Benne (feathersong)

pia said...

I don't even really like rabbits and he's ADORABLE! Congrats on the new family member!

Anonymous said...

He and your little family are soooo adorable! Great photos. Can't wait to see you again. Might just have to come down for a visit this winter...if it ever stops snowing!!!


--Deb said...

Oh, he's adorable. And I love the family photo!

Emily/Knit Addictions said...

I just love love love those pics! You're making me want a rabbit now!!

ChelleC said...

You and your family with Mr. Hopkins are all adorable. What a sweet Christmas photo!

Nice seeing you over on Rav. Thought I'd stop by and say hi.