Saturday, April 07, 2012

New RS/WS Stitch Markers

We've all done it. We need to remember which side is the right side (rs) or wrong side (ws) of our work, so we've clipped on a paperclip or tied on a bit of yarn and moved on with the project. Or, we're convinced that we'll remember which side is which, right?

Yep, that was me until my latest project. I never really marked anything. Often, a pattern is distinct enough that I can figure out which side is the right side or wrong side. The right side has the pretty side of the cables, right? Easy peasy.

Photo - copyright Ashcroft-Hempsall

But now I'm working on Beautiful Cobweb, a gorgeous shawl by Ashcroft-Hempsall. I love the youthful scarfiness of this shawl. It seems so versatile and sophisticated. I absolutely cannot wait to finish it!

Look at how gorgeous that is!

But here's the problem. You begin by knitting a large garter stitch base. And both sides look almost EXACTLY the same. But on one side you do special increases that you don't do on the other side. Eek!

I definitely needed to mark my sides, and mark them well.

Not only that, but you increase in the middle on one side in 2 different places. So as you get wider and wider, your markers get further and further away. So TWO rs/ws markers are essential. At least, for me they are!

I don't know why I never made these before. Maybe because I only make things I'll use and I'd never needed these before? But that has all changed.

Here's my work so far.

(Like the brick pile? They're ancient (okay, probably 50 to 100 year-old) granite bricks from a local quarry. We're fixing our very screwy basement/foundation and have unearthed a little over a hundred of them so far.)

A close-up. If you look just to the right of the RS marker, you'll see the diagonal line where increases have been made. If I miss an increase, it'll show!

I move the RS marker up as I go, so it's easily visible as I work without having to search for it.

(Owl stitch marker available here.)

And, of course, now this product is available in my Etsy store. They're simple and practical, but sooooo much nicer than a yarn scrap, no?

If you need a set, here ya go.

And I'll keep you posted on my Beautiful Cobweb.

Oops, the Easter Bunny is here! I'd better make sure he gets the bunny picture Miss Kate colored for him!

Happy Easter all!

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