Sunday, May 13, 2007

Baby Yarnworks' First Birthday!

Today was Mother's Day, but more importantly in the Yarnworks family, it was Baby Yarnworks' First Birthday! At 12:07am she was officially a full year old.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law announced that Mr. Yarnworks' entire family would be decending on us on her birthday to help us celebrate. I panicked. Between family and friends we were looking at potentially a 30 person guest list! Sure, not everyone would be able to make it, but that's still quite an ordeal for such a little girl! After a few panicked days, Mr. Yarnworks had an idea: Let's celebrate at Grandma's house! Genius! So my sister-in-law picked up the cake and ice cream and we packed the girls in the car this morning for the 100 mile jaunt.

We stopped midway for lunch. Baby Yarnworks was ready for some food!

We finally arrive after an hour or so of Baby Yarnworks crying and Big Sister yelling at her to shush. *sigh* Please tell me that this gets better as they get older? Yeah. I know. I'm doomed. Anyway, everyone was all smiles. Here is Baby Yarnworks with her 20 month old cousin and Grandpa.

And the cake... (Thanks Sis! It was perfect!!!)

And the...erm..."cutting" of the cake...

You know, she's going to get used to this whole Princess thing and be just as spoiled as Big Sister.

We visted for a couple more hours, Mr. Yarnworks helped his dad with some manly outdoor project, and watched as Baby Yarnworks broke down the flowerbed fence to get to Ma's tulips. At least she knows what she wants, right? (Sorry, no pics. The camera was much too far away and Baby's foot was stuck in the fence. Priorities. *sigh*)

So my baby is almost a toddler. I think to be an official toddler she needs to be able to toddle.... but we're close!

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