Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bad Blogger

I am a horrible, neglectful blogger. I haven't blogged in ages. And I'm about to give you two really good excuses. No, I swear. They're good ones! Ready?

First, I had an order for 600 ladybug stitch markers. Yes, 600. This is what 600 ladybug beads looks like. They're about an inch deep.

When they're done, they look something like this...

I've also had a couple other custom orders keeping me busy. Not too shabby for the time of year when many knitters put down the wool for the summer. Hopefully June will keep me just as busy. Er, not so busy I won't blog. Um. Swear.

What's my other excuse? Rainy days that cause my children to create new brands of mischief. My oldest is scary when she gets into my makeup. Literally! Night of the Living Dead or what?!? She darkened her eyebrows with dark lip gloss then coated herself and her nightgown (so thick you couldn't see Barbie on the front anymore) in powder.

This picture isn't quite as good, but I posted it for its sheer irony. People like Sylvia Brown and such claim that when you photograph "orbs" that they're spirits or guides or who-knows-what. Here, when my daughter is looking like a spirit herself, are 3 "orbs" floating near her. (My photography degree and all....says that "orbs" are created when the flash reflects of dust in the air. I'm guessing all the powder on her body would put a few particles in the air. I love the orb theory and all, but I'm a science geek first and a wanna-be ghost hunter second.)
There has also been much knitting. Knitting instead of blogging? *hangs head* Yes, it's true. I'm almost done with some socks done in Sockotta and I'm still working on the above daughter's bright striped kneesocks. I will post pictures soon!

AND! Last but not least, I now have products for sale at The Sweet Sheep in Canada! This is a wonderful online yarn store run by Michelle who has been absolutely fabulous! If she's this wonderful with her vendors (who she pays), I know she's doubly as wonderful with her customers. I highly recommend you take a peek at her site. Good stuff folks! If you're looking for my goodies, so far everything I've sent is under "Stitch Markers" and then under my vendor name.

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