Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Amigurumi!

Baby Yarnworks is down for a nap and one of my pattern-testers has told me that one of my latest patterns has an error SO BAD that she can't figure it out. After months of procrastination...yes literally months and more than a few...I finally pull out a crochet hook and some yarn along with the original scratch pad pattern and the pretty typed up version. I see the problem almost immediately. I'm a dunce. This should be no surprise. I whip it up quick just to make sure I now know what I'm doing. Big Sister Yarnworks comes into the room and says, "You're working?" I tell her than I am and I thank her for being such a good girl and being so quiet while her sister naps. She cocks her head to the side and looks at the yellow yarn and asks, "You're making me another alien?" Hehe. I ask her if she wants another alien. "Oh yes!" she says.

Here is the alien pattern already listed for sale in my shop. You can tell that Big Sister looooves her alien!

Here is the forthcoming pattern. I hope to have it listed tonight if the girls behave. If not, tomorrow for sure! It's a little more complicated, but can't you just see a little music button in its belly playing a lullaby? I think I need to whip up a few more for upcoming baby showers.

Coming soon!

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