Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giving Thanks....

We postponed our festivities until yesterday due to illnesses running rampant, but we managed to have an excellent feast anyway.

Mr. Yarnworks is still in Mississippi mobilizing to head over to Iraq, so the day was spent with friends. I have better pictures, but I feel this one best depicts the meal. G* finally getting her appetite back after being out of action for awhile. J* quietly enjoying her vegetarian fare. Big Sister licking her finger (or her plate or her sister's finger or plate). The gentleman is a new friend of G's that I just met yesterday. Very cool guy. He even did the dishes after the meal! I keep inviting him over to my house, but somehow he thinks Mr. Yarnworks might take issue with that. *sigh* Meanwhile, Baby Yarnworks was napping, which altogether made the meal more enjoyable. She joined us towards dessert. She LOVES pumpkin pie!

The girls with full bellies...

One day Big Sister will look at the camera. :)

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