Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Simple Handspun Toddler Hat

First, hand spin some beautiful fiber on a drop spindle....poorly. Your first time spinning is the perfect opportunity to use this pattern. Be sure it's a single ply thick and thin (by default, 'cause this spinning thing is harder than it looks). Be sure to attempt to set the twist. Fail miserably.

Got it? Great!

Now, cast on 60. Or a multiple of 6 on size US8 double pointed needles to fit the head of the hat recipient. Be sure it's a child. A young one. Think back to your first memory. How old were you? Great. Now make sure the child getting your hat is younger than that. We want to make sure they won't remember the ridicule of wearing your first spinning attempt.

Divide onto 3 needles (20 stitches on each).

Join in the round, taking care not to twist the stitches. There's enough twist in the yarn. We don't need more twists. Trust me on this one.

K1, P1 rib for 6 rows.

Continue in stockinette for 20 or so rows.

Begin decreasing 6 stitches per row.

Dec. Row 1: k8, k2tog around (54) Dec. Row 2: k7, k2tog around (48)
Dec. Row 3: k6, k2tog around (42)
Dec. Row 4: k5, k2tog around (36)
Dec. Row 5: k4, k2tog around (30)
Dec. Row 6: k3, k2tog around (24)
Dec. Row 7: k2, k2tog around (18)
Dec. Row 8: k2, k2tog around (12)
Dec. Row 9: k1, k2tog around (6)

Pull yarn through remaining loops and pull closed. Secure.

Have leftover handspun? Try crocheting or knitting a flower to accent the hat.

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