Monday, December 24, 2007

Not A Creature Was Stirring....

No creatures stirring here. It's just the mad clicking of knitting needles as I finish up the last of the Christmas knitting. The big project is now done and I'm trying very hard to resist starting a quickie last-minute gift project. I'm a mad woman, I swear...

But the big project was Mr. Yarnworks' fingerless gloves to take with him to Iraq. When the days are 120 degrees, the 70 degree nights feel outright chilly. These were made with Knitpicks Essential in "Fawn." We even tried the burn test to see if the 25% nylon would melt it. Nope. It self-extinguishes like any self-respecting wool. His hands are at least safe from the yarn grafting to his hand if he finds himself in any trouble over there.

I have not tucked in the ends yet. My excuse is that I want to make sure they fit first. Yep. That's my excuse. Yes, I know I'll eventually have to do it. Yes, I know time will be limited from the time he opens the gift and the time he leaves. Yes, I know I'm asking for trouble.

Mr. Yarnworks is home from Camp Shelby, Mississippi for a quick visit before his official deployment to Iraq. He's been gone 2 months for training so far, so we're thrilled to get another dose of him before he leaves again...this time for a year or more.

Big Sister is VERY excited about Santa. This is the first year she really seems to get it. Baby Yarnworks just thinks everything (tree, lights, ornaments, presents, treats) is rather cool and will probably be crushed when it's all wisked away shortly after Christmas. Hopefully the remaining toys will make up for the loss.

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AuntieAnn said...

Best wishes to all of you, and especially wishing Mr. Yarnworks a safe deployment and speedy return.