Monday, June 09, 2008


I know it's been awhile, but I have really good excus....reasons.

First, I worked really really hard on a new pattern that I can't really talk about yet. But whenever and wherever it is available, I will certainly let you know. As a little hint, I'll just say that it was loosely inspired by the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer. I don't think I've ever knit quite so much in such a short period of time in my life. Even the Knitting Olympics a couple years ago didn't have me knitting quite so much.

Speaking of the Knitting Olympics...I cannot figure out what I want to do for the summer games. I keep thinking about challenging myself to knit faster, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that.

Anyway, then last week I went in to have a cavity filled. The cavity was behind a composite fillign and apparently that composite was blocking the majority of the damage from the xray. 3/4 of my tooth broke off when they tried to drill it. So they ended up having to extract the tooth. I'm still on Darvocet and it still aches.

AND, the day before I had to have my pattern finished, my new laptop crashed. It's only 2 months old! Thankfully I was able to get into it to save my stuff to a thumb drive and load it up on the desktop or I would have been in a pissy mood for weeks! I was alllllllmost done, and then WHAM! Isn't that always the way it works? It's in the shop now; wish it luck.

I'm also prepping for a yard sale next weekend, so there's been lots of sorting and purging going on in Chez Yarnworks.

And then, the best news, is that by the 24th, hubby should be home on leave from Iraq for 2 weeks. We're due in Des Moines again to meet with Baby Yarnworks' surgeon on the 25th, so hopefully he won't be delayed anymore. He was originally due home on the 18th, but they've delayed it twice now. *Fingers crossed*

So I've lost a tooth and a laptop, but I met my deadline! I was very pleased about that.

I'm already working on a couple new patterns. Hopefully I'll have some pictoral evidence of that very soon!

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