Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tour de Fleece Day 2

Days One and Two -- I thought I'd distributed the singles fairly evenly over the two bobbins, but apparently not. I plan to let these "rest" for a day or two before plying. It seems to work better that way.

This is one of my own hand-dyed rovings. I think this is what I'll tackle tomorrow. It's purple and I just can't resist. In fact, if I get my chores done tonight before I collapse, I just may get started on it tonight!

But alas, first, I have work to do first. There's a huge batch of Scrabble Tile Pendants mid-process with my name on 'em that needs addressing. Then, once those are drying, I have some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) to tackle.

UFOs have been my bane for awhile. See, I'm a process knitter. The act of knitting, of trying new things, of conquering new techniques is what keeps me motivated. So once I feel like I've tried and conquered, I'm perfectly content setting the project aside so that I an try and conquer something new. Next thing I know, I have a dozen or more partially completed projects and no hand-knit socks in my sock drawer. That's just crazy!

So last night I looked, and I had several pair of socks very nearly done. One pair was missing its afterthought heel. Another just needed ends tucked in. A sample sock out of my hand-dyed I made to take to shows just needed its toe grafted. Today, I finished them all! (Pics soon.) This week, I plan to seek out more UFOs. It feels good to get them done! And I'm resolving to do better. Hold me to that, will ya?

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