Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tour de Fleece Days 12-14

Squeeeeee!!!!! It came! My drum carder is here and put together, though not yet broken in. I'm saving that for tomorrow!

I also bought this day-glow roving. My kids will love these colors and it's completely different from anything I've spun up to this point.

But, for the past THREE days, I've been working on this pencil roving. That's all I know. It's pencil roving. This is a 1.6 oz skein and I have two of them. It's obviously wool, likely 100%, but I have no idea what type of wool. It also didn't list how much it weighed or where it came from. I picked it up at the LYS and weighed it when I got home. Kinda pricey for 1.6 oz ($9.99 each skein), but no one forced me to buy it. The colors just grabbed me.

This stuff really wanted to be thin. Like too thin! Day 12 was spent just trying to learn to keep it from being thread-thin. It was much too weak that thin. Plus I got a late start. So after a little playing and not much useable spinning, I ended up going to bed. Day 13 was much more productive, but I don't think I even got half an ounce spun. Who knew thin yarn took soooo long to spin? hehe Definitely frugal spinning.

And here is what the end of Day 14 looked like. Almost one of the two skeins of pencil roving spun up in a laceweight single. It appears this should make a fingering weight (or maybe even slightly thinner?) two-ply. I'm totally in love with this batch and can't wait to see how it's going to ply. Though, at this rate, it'll be next Tuesday before I'm done.

At least that will give me plenty of time to figure out my drum carder for a custom batt for my next batch!

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SandyK said...

The pencil roving is either wool or wool/silk. It's from Skacel's line of Artfelt supplies.