Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm not even sure where to begin tonight, so I'll let the pictures do my talking.

This is a picture taken 2 weeks ago of the Daughters Yarnworks.

This is my oldest daughter after some personal time with a pair of Mommy's scissors.
Can't see it very well? Here ya go....

Yep. And the back gets right up to the scalp in areas, but thankfully they're under longer lengths of hair. Tomorrow I think we're headed out for a (hopefully) salvaging haircut.
And yes, she did cut ALL of her hair herself. Daddy (who was home with her at the time) tried to even it out, but otherwise it's all her. She's very proud of herself.


Holly said...

Jackie -

they all do this. Unless they are like my 16 year old son who has decided that he is not cutting his hair at all. Or perhaps when he can cut off 10" and donate it to Locks of Love, but not before.

In this case (your daughter and the three of mine that did this) it will grown out. It doesn't work to tape it back on, or glue it back on. Trust me, 5-6 year olds have even more creative ideas than the younger set.


Kena said...


I think we have all been daughter has beautiful long blonde hair, and when she was about 4 she got ahold of the scissors and pulled her bangs straight out....put the scissors right to her head and SNIP...gone just like that. I asked her why she did it (while trying not to cry) and she said "now you don't have to take me for a hair cut mommy"!!! UGH!!!!!