Monday, March 26, 2007

Knitter Down!

Friday afternoon, I dropped the girls off at the sitter like I do every day. They typically play there for an hour or so until Mr. Yarnworks gets off work and can retrieve them. And, up until I dropped them off, it was just an average, ordinary day. My one mistake? I put a cuuuute bow in the baby's hair before taking her to the babysitter. The babysitter has a cat. The cat is an overgrown kitten. Kittens like to bat at cuuuute things. Cuuuuute things (and the babies they are attached to) must be protected. Protecting your young often comes with a sacrifice.

Behold my sacrifice!

*Pout* A tiny little cat scratch. What's the big deal you ask? This tiny little cat scratch falls precisely where my yarn wraps around my finger when I knit. This is my "throwing" finger. At Stitch 'N Bitch Friday night I tried holding the yarn just below and just above the injury, but my knitting suffered. The yarn would creep closer and closer to the injury and I would have to stop and adjust. And stop and adjust. And stop and adjust. A mere FIVE rows were knit on the Paris sock in THREE hours. So I spent this weekend recouperating.

And working on this:

That's a pile of stitch markers. All created in one day with the help of Stitch 'N Bitcher *J*. Thanks so much J! I couldn't have done it without you! This whole lot (and the 6 remaining stitch markers still in surgery) are all headed to The Urban Knit where some of my products will soon be sold.
So now for something fun since I'm bored and can't knit.

Guess the number of stitch markers on the plate! I will give you a couple clues. The majority of the stitch markers are tiny stitch markers that are designed to use with lace or socks. The rest are in various sizes. Leave your guess in the comments box and the person who guesses closest without going over will receive a set of 5 tiny glass sock/lace stitch markers (fit up to US 3 needles) in the color of their choice (purple, blue, or green). If you are the winner, I will contact you for your mailing address so I can send out your prize. I will be choosing the winner Tuesday night at midnight Central Time. Good luck!


cindy said...

Hope the boo boo is doing better. My guess is 100.


Kim said...

My guess is 287.

Happy Knitting!

CozyStitches said...


my guess is 181

Gail said...

I'm going to say 325

Momo said...

I bid 375!

Your markers are really pretty, BTW :-)

Elizabeth said...

Saw your post on knitters review. I'm guessing 90.

Wendy said...

I guess 120

Nacole said...

My guess is 115!
I saw your post on Etsy in your thread.
(my etsy name is mysticauras)

Marie said...

Have you tried putting liquid bandage stuff on your scratch?
My guess is 114.

Yvonne in Southwest Virginia said...

Oh, I love those tiny ones!

My guess is 276.

Tg in Lewisville said...

I guess 251.

Emily said...

210 is my guess.