Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy Busy

True to my word, I've been a busy girl. In 3 days, I've made over 500 stitch markers, dyed several skeins of yarn (not many...I'm missing my mojo), and dabbled with 3 new product ideas to see how they'll work.

So here are some of the sock-sized stitch markers I made.

Many of which went into my free sample basket. There are over 100 here...

Some lucky customers might get one of these teeny mini skeins as well. They're about 10 yards each. I only have about 8 of these at the moment. Note to self: get yarn dyeing mojo back.

More new samples to come right along with the new products too. It's all top secret, but I will say that there are sock monkeys involved...kinda. ;)

I've also been playing with PhotoShop (totally new territory here), trying to make some banners and such to advertise the launch of my new site, messing around with the new site, visiting a local bead store, shopping for fabric and other supplies, and potty training the little one in my spare time. *whew* Why am I still awake again?
By the way, potty training Baby Sister is going VERY VERY well. Everyone cheer her on!
Bed? Work? Bed? Work? Yeah, okay...I'm gonna work a bit more before bed. hehe. G'night all!

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