Monday, July 28, 2008

Coupon Codes and Giraffes

Happy Monday!

This is a busy week at Chez Yarnworks.

The grand opening website launch of is still due August 1. There are products on the site now and I believe it's ready for purchasing items (at least using PayPal...working on more options), though right now only 20 or so styles of stitch markers are available. Tonight I hope to add some more stitch markers and my currently available patterns.

A question I've been getting a lot is: Will you have yarn available for the website launch? The answer is...I hope so. Here's the dilemma. I have a lot of yarn sitting around, awaiting a photo shoot, but most of them are one-off skeins. Meaning, I only have 1 skein in that colorway and I likely won't (or can't easily) recreate the colorway close enough to make the colorway over and over again without needing to update the picture. My inclination for the website is to only offer yarns that I will offer over and over again for several months. I'd like to leave my one-offs for my Etsy store. I could dye up a bunch of yarn between now and Friday, but I'm without daycare and I prefer to bring out the respirator, boiling water, and dye that could stain the walls (of our rental home) for days when I don't have the kids underfoot. My next day without kids won't be until Thursday, not leaving it much time to dry for the launch. BUT... if there is not yarn on August 1, there WILL be yarn within a week or so.

There will definitely be more Cherry Cordial yarn available for those who want to use the same yarn I did for the Rosalie gloves. I have a few skeins that need to go out to those who have already contacted me, but then the rest will be available on probably both Etsy AND my website.

Remember, if you purchase items off by July 31 and use the coupon code SNEAKPEEK you'll receive 20% off. From August 1 until August 31, look for a coupon code on If you're not a part of that site yet, I highly recommend it. :)

Okay, enough of that.

Yesterday we ventured up to my husband's hometown to visit the in-laws and attend my neice's third birthday. Let me just say that she is FREAKIN' adorable. She can be so sweet and cute and cuddly one moment, and the next...when a chair is between her and her new get a glimpse of a future Bridezilla.

We visited with my mother-in-law for an hour or so in the afternoon, then headed over to my sister-in-law's early for some chit chat and to help with any necessary party set-up...though she pretty much had it under control. Sadly, I have no pictures to share. I left my camera at home. Though, I may be able to add some later if I get copies from my SIL.

Oh, and we kinda sorta might have stopped in at the local yarn store on our way into town, which was surprisingly open on a Sunday. Me? Spend money? On yarn? Never.

Today, I promised the kids a trip to the zoo. Before I get the mother of the year award, let me admit that I was just hoping that the endless walking in the 90-something heat and 60-something percent humidity would have them completely zonked by noon, allowing me to fill orders and work on the website. I'll give you two guesses as to how well THAT worked. *sigh* Yes, they were exhausted, but that only made them even more hyper. Ah well. They did still do a decent job of entertaining themselves, so I really can't complain.

Besides, I got to meet Autumn, our zoo's 10 month old giraffe.

Sorry for the lousy cell phone pic, but I decided the dSLR needed to stay home today, so I could just enjoy the visit with the kids. Anyway, Autumn was behind glass, but otherwise, we were only inches from her. The kids were thrilled. We missed all the giraffes during our trip with Daddy, so that's all Big Sister could talk about today. I think she got her fill of giraffes today.
The kids are suddenly quiet again. I should probably go take advantage of that while I can!