Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Promised Content

And I plan to deliver. What's a knitting blog without some knitting content? Oh wait, first I plan to share crochet content. I know a lot of knitters are die-hard anti-crochet or something, but frankly, I don't get it. To me, they are more like yin and yang. Well, not opposites. But they're two complimentary halves to this form of fiber arts. Sure there's spinning and weaving and all that, which I certainly don't discount. But in the world of taking one continuous string and producing everything from afghans to socks to sweaters to mittens....knitting and crochet are it. You can use one....or use both. Knowing both seems to give you the ultimate freedom in your work.

Anyway, enough of that. You came for pictures, not jabber, right? I give to you, the Never-Ending Tablecloth. I believe I am only roughly 10 rows from completion. However, keep in mind that each round uses a 1.50mm hook and takes approximately 2 hours. So that's still around 20 hours of crocheting, then tucking in of ends, and then blocking. But I can taste the end, so hopefully I'll have new and better pictures for you very soon!

And, since many of you prefer knitting. ;) A sock for good measure. Trekking XXL yarn, size US1 needles, magic cast-on, 72 stitches around total, 3x1x4x1 rib across top of foot. This is my mindless, gotta-think-of-something-beyond-the-tablecloth project.

Can I just say that I love love love yarn that stripes this way? So gradually that it's just one ply at a time that changes? This type of striping makes me want to learn more about spinning...

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AuntieAnn said...

I didn't know you were a hooker! :)

Those are both so beautiful -- sigh.