Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lookie What I Found!

I bought this stuff before we moved, but I didn't take the time to share then, so here it is. Look at this awesome stuff from KaratStix! Take a moment...

There's a needle gauge, a WPI (wraps per inch) gauge, and a sock shaped bobbin for colorwork and such. She also sent one of her cute little buttons as a freebie. (It's a LOT sturdier than it looks!) Each tool is made out of bamboo, which in itself is really cool. But, when they arrived, they were MUCH thicker than I'd anticipated, which is even better. These are sturdy tools that will last a very long time. I'll obviously be a bit more careful with the bobbin, but the needle gauge could easily be thrown around a knitting bag without a second thought.

I love the little socks the best. She has sheep and other cute stuff too though. She hand-draws them on after wood-burning the outline (I believe). I'm sure she'll correct me if I'm wrong. :) She made my set as a custom order. I told her as long as one pair of socks were purple and she kept the details simple, I'd be a happy customer. And sure enough...perfection!
One day, when my online shop leaves Etsy and is bringing in a decent supply of customers, I'm going to beg this woman to let me carry her products. That's how happy I am with this purchase.
In other news, the girls started at a new daycare today. They'll be going 2 days a week so I can concentrate more on JL Yarnworks (once the move is totally done anyway). So today, instead of working...I um....shopped. It's for my new home office, so that counts as work, right?

I got two lamps, a pillow, and some yarn in the right colors. I'll have slate blue, tan, chocolate brown, and splashes of celery here and there. At least that's the current plan. I keep seeing other colors I like too, so we'll see. I'm trying to make it a home office plus a refuge/sanctuary. I'm looking to be able to relax there, but not so much that I don't get work done. I'm also trying for something a little more modern than the rest of my house to inspire me to create more modern designs. I have so many ideas. I need a place to go to create them. I can't wait for my new room to be that place.


AuntieAnn said...

Those are just so cute! And I like the idea of your fiber room as refuge. After our endless remodel is finished, I will have a guest room / fiber room to relax, do any little sewing I might want to, and store my stash. Maybe even a nice comfy chair for knitting -- sigh.

MakinTheBestOfIt said...

I'm so glad you are settleing in and am so excited to see your new refuge when it is done!