Monday, March 10, 2008


Our new house is on the corner of a nice quiet residential road and a nice busy road, complete with a mini storage place across the street and the interstate on the other side of that. You'd expect the noise to take some getting used to, right?

But what I'm having the most trouble adjusting to is the silence. Silence. All night. Not one cough coming from the girls' rooms. My oldest has stopped snoring even...something that started a couple months ago. After months of sharing my bed with my oldest (I don't know how parents manage two young kids in the same room....Baby Yarnworks would wake up screaming, startling Big Sister who would then start to scream...just a mess), I'm used to the constant rumble from her side of the bed, intermixed with coughing fits and muffled coughing from Baby Yarnworks' room. Except for the really bad bouts of coughing, I'd grown accustomed to this noise.

And now, there's just silence. When I recognize it for what it is....a sign that my children are finally getting healthy....I smile, grateful that I was able to find them a better home. But when it's just there, while I try to go to sleep at night, it's strange and foreign. Kind of like how it must feel to be able to shower without a child in the bathroom, trying to climb in with you. Strange, but certainly not unwelcome!


AuntieAnn said...

Ah, lovely silence. Glad the kids' health is improving in the new digs.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are improving health-wise.