Monday, April 07, 2008

Dancing in Harlem

Okay, maybe not *IN* Harlem. But Big Sister did get to dance the pregame show for the Harlem Globetrotters.

She's on the left. Doesn't she look precious? And so excited! She kept calling it a soccer ball game, but oh well.

Her hands are in the way, but she's the 6th from the left.

She got VERY upset because right around this point, she forgot her steps. She missed a LOT of practices this winter due to illness and this was a routine they began learning right after Christmas. Poor thing was beside herself coming off the court. We'll need to practice more between now and her next recital.

After the pregame show, we found our seats.

And here they are. The Harlem Globetrotters getting warmed up. I was a bit disappointed in the show if I have to be honest. I was expecting more ball tricks and truly impressive moves. Now, while we DID see a fair bit of that, it was mostly just a lot of antics. Players had mics and were ribbing other players, poking fun at the ref, suffering mock injuries, losing their pants, flirting with women in the crowd, etc.

Gotta admit though, this was pretty darn cool. Even Big Sister thought so!

Yes, she was very impressed indeed.

Before long, Big Sister found exhaustion setting in. It was only halftime, but it was already 9pm and way past Big Sister's bedtime. So we left for home.
It was a good night.

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