Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Told Y'All To Mind Me!

Mr. Yarnworks, please avert your eyes. You may not like what you're about to see. :(

Thursday night the girls were playing nicely downstairs while I snuck in a little grown up tv upstairs. This is common in the evening. I tell them they get the tv during the day, but after dinner the tv is mine and they must entertain themselves some other way. Suddenly, I hear Big Sister screaming. This is also common. If something doesn't quite go her way, instead of asking for help, she just sits there and screams. But soon I realized that this was not her normal blood-curtling "I'm upset" scream. This was her "I'm really hurt" scream. I went running.

Big Sister was sitting at the foot of the stairs, with Baby Yarnworks huddling over her, trying to comfort her. She had fallen down the stairs. She admitted she'd been playing on the stairs. *sigh* I ask if she can stand up. She can. I ask where it hurts. Her eye. It's visibly scraped, like carpetburn on her left eyelid. I cover her right eye to test her vision. She's okay. I poke her injured eye and she doesn't scream. All is well.

"I've told you not to play on the stairs, hun. THIS is why! If you play on the stairs, you can easily get hurt." She cries harder. "I'm sorry, Mommy."
We head upstairs to cuddle on the couch and put ice on her eye. When I pick her up and pull her onto my lap, she tells me her back hurts. Lifting her shirt, I see three major red spots on her back. They hurt to the touch, but don't seem to be swelling or bruising. She won't let me ice her eye OR any of the spots on her back, so we just cuddle until she's calmed down. Her eye doesn't look so bad. The scrape bled just a tinge, but nothing more. I wonder how it will look in the morning though.

The next morning, I have my answer:

Not to worry. She's okay, it looks much worse than it is.

She's all smiles now. :)

(Notice Baby Yarnworks trying to sneak into the picture. What a ham!)

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