Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meet Sherman and La La

This is Sherman:

I first fell in love with Sherman when I saw him gracing the front page of Not only was I drawn to his wooliness as a knitter, but his color perfectly matches my new craft room! (Still under construction...I'll share more later.) Sherman is a 10x10 art print.

But, Sherman looked so lonely in his fiberly goodness. Sure, falldowntree has lots of other beautiful artwork. Cute critters like this alligator, storybook characters like Humpty Dumpty, and even a really adorable set of train prints. Yet, no other fiber-bearing animals. I could buy Sherman, but he'd be allllll alone.

So I contacted falldowntree. I asked (okay, begged) him to consider adding an angora bunny, alpaca, or the like to his line. Preferably in colors to coordinate with Sherman (and thus, the JL Yarnworks home office). I got a prompt response from Adam. He welcomed the challenge and promised to get back to me. Less than two weeks later, he announced the birth of La La the Llama:

Isn't she absolutely beautiful?!? Look at all the personality she will bring to my office. Love the little tooth. Adam went above and beyond. So Adam, thank you. :)
I received my prints in the mail today and let me just say.... sooo professional. Quality, packaging, everything. I couldn't be happier!
Everybody go give Adam some love. He deserves it!

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