Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Never-Ending Tablecloth Comes To An End

I would like to have a moment of reverence please. Nearly 6 months of work has resulted in a finishes 56" diameter tablecloth. Each tiny stitch was made with a 1.50mm crochet hook over the course of around 150 hours (200 or so if you count all the rows I had to rip out because the pattern was beginning to go awry).

Here, in pictures, is the story of the Never-Ending Tablecloth:
This is the original doily made by my customer's grandmother who has passed away. It was my job to turn this doily into a 4.5' tablecloth.
So far, so good...
That worked so well, I decided to continue in the same pattern, spacing it out just a bit with some mesh.
Sadly, that didn't work. See how ruffled it became? It was at this point that I realized that I would have to rip back to the mesh and increase the width of the mesh considerably. Darn math and pi and stuff. *sigh* That was about 40 hours (around a month's work) down the drain.
Ah, that's better.

The finishline fast approaches, yet every row seems to take longer and longer. By this point, it took right around 2 hours to go around, adding approximately 2/5ths of an inch to the diameter.

Done. 56". 2" larger than was requested. And some other shots 'cause I'm so happy that I'm done....

In case you can't see it here... the tablecloth is laid out across my bed. It's a queen sized bed and the tablecloth spans the entire width and goes from the bottom of the pillows to the foot of the bed.
I hope she likes it....


pia said...

That is AMAZING and beautiful!
Great job!!!!!!

AuntieAnn said...

OMG, how beautiful!